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Unicorn backpack for children of any ages and sexes !

If we like them, it’s due to the fact that they’re trendy, useful and fashionable. In vogue for numerous years now, the unicorn backpack is taking it up a notch this year and ranks together with the unicorn backpack. In between them, they are the pride of all schoolchildren. Whether it’s the youngest in kindergarten, those in primary school, and even the earliest in secondary school, you’ll discover the ideal binder on this page. From the little girls backpack, to the huge kawaii schoolbag, to the unicorn dab backpack, the galaxy unicorn backpack … You will discover one that will please your child.

All your school pouches at Unicorn-Backpack-Store at discount rates.
The unicorn is one of the famous animals most valued by children (girls and boys). When it is gathered on an accessory, it makes it magical ! This is the case of our adorable and captivating pouches. For those who enjoy the unicorn, there’s nothing better than having it on your back on your way to school, to save your materials and enjoy your business all day long. That’s why giving your kid a unicorn backpack will make him or her the happiest.

For the “sil”, there are little designs, suitable for storing his treats and his few notebooks. Discover the very best ones on this page. Ours are normally water resistant and anti-infiltration. Additionally, they have a zip for higher convenience and security. The unicorn styles in our store will please all ladies from 3 to 5 years old.

At over 4 years old, your child is already past the age of multicoloured designs, she prefers what is concrete and trendy. For that reason, what is better than a unicorn that dab, a llama unicorn, or a unicorn with a plain and trendy color ?  Make your child happy with a unicorn backpack that will please him. For this, we offer you the best at discount rates. Chosen with love, each of our schoolbags is optimised to last a long period of time while staying glamorous. The option of your schoolbag, pointers, criteria and advice A unicorn backpack is a foolproof cracker, however let’s not count on its beauty to buy it without believing. Undoubtedly, it is very important to select the right schoolbag. By “the best binder” we imply the best size and colour.

For those who don’t know, these are the two criteria for selecting a kids’s schoolbag. Concerning the size, you can refer to our indicators on each post. When it comes to colour, selecting the colour your kid prefers is the best option. If you wish to surprise your daughter, pink, white or rainbow would be the very best choice. On the other hand, if it is a schoolbag for your young boy, a blue or more sober colour will do the trick.

multicolored unicorn wallpaper

The unicorn backpack collection

Different bags for children and women are available. From fantasy to elegance to take everywhere with you and to store your belongings.

Unicorn backpacks and briefcases

Here they are! Our unique unicorn bags will make you believe, thanks to their mystical and magical details, that it is a perfect golden horn to grant wishes. An iridescent glow and a soft smile will add to the faces of children and especially girls. Your own rainbow awaits you !

Our designer backpacks combine functionality and durability with fashion and fun! These pet backpacks are sturdy and specially designed for children’s unique measurements. Our patented horizontal design with ergonomic attributes is designed to carry weight at the waist level.
Buy our beautiful unicorn shaped backpacks. Perfect for young girls and boys to take to school. Whatever type of unicorn schoolbag, unicorn schoolbag with wheels, unicorn backpack, you are sure to find it on this page of Unilovers – in a unicorn theme! Find an idea for the back-to-school season? It’s the perfect gift for little girls and children !

The perfect plush unicorn backpack for your child !

Unicorn-Backpack offers you this plush Unicorn Backpack with shoulder strap small and cute. The shoulder straps, straps and handle as well as the whole surface (against the back) are in shiny silver Similicuir . The canvas lining is fully pink and the soft touch fur in rainbow color, will undoubtedly delight your daughter loved for school or all your outings. The plush unicorn backpack is much more than a schoolbag !

The unicorn theme is not insignificant. Although this horse with rainbow mane is a legendary animal, its magic is beautiful and present in the spirits and in history, just like the famous Christmas magic. Indeed, for centuries, the unicorn has embodied wisdom and femininity. It is the symbol of benevolence as well as purity. Thanks to this Binder, make the choice of good mood ! For your daily life and that of your children, the Unicorn Plush Backpack will fill you with joie de vivre and positive vibes, as the smile of your children at the sight of this plush unicorn backpack will testify.

The plush unicorn backpack is fashionable for children and adults alike.

Kawaii Fashion has been in full swing lately. Born in Japan, this phenomenon inspired by manga and Japanese culture in general, is a style that adults are starting to implement more and more. It consists of dressing up at first glance like a child by using child-themed accessories, including cartoon characters and emblematic figures of youth such as princesses, unicorns, etc… . This Plush Unicorn Backpack is the typical accessory used by adults, both men and women, to show their belonging to the fashion called “Kawaii” term which means “Cute” in Japanese. So don’t be afraid to offer a multicolored furry accessory for your teenager or your girlfriend on occasion.

Why buy a unicorn backpack ?

If you’re not a fan of Kawaii fashion or if you don’t want to take it on the limelight, here are some ideas for its use:

  • On a special occasion (bachelorette party/girl/bachelor party for example). The theme of the party should surprise many people.
  • For your children’s birthdays with their friends. The rainbow colours and the fur of the bag, will announce the colour and make the difference for a successful birthday and put a smile on all your girlfriends’ faces.
  • At school, as a satchel for kindergarten and primary school is perfectly adequate in terms of capacity.

Well, summer is quickly coming to an end and the start of the new school year is here! Luckily for you, Unicorn-Backpack™ has done all the work to gather all the backpacks of the cutest girls here !

Go to school with a selection of unicorn bags that we highly recommend:

The stunning design of this type of backpack will surely make your peers envious of you thanks to the glittery glitter on the surface of the backpack. The eye-catching look of the backpack undoubtedly highlights the magic of the Unicorn glittering around you like in fairy tales. It is obvious that glitter always makes us stand out. Wearing them is like wearing a glittering accessory to match our #ootd. For the back-to-school season, why not radically change your look by getting these backpacks, which are very popular at Unicorn-Backpack™.

Specifically, with this super adorable Unicorn plush backpack, every child can use it as a plush toy or a charming backpack to bring to school. Its surface has been manufactured with high quality cotton to meticulously provide the softest surface for every girl who loves Unicorn. Plus, if you can’t afford this backpack, Unicorn-Backpack™ is here to help! To serve your desire, we have an exclusive collection from the plush Unicorn family.

Inspired by tons of unicorn plush, ™ has just released the most beautiful backpack with the 2 in 1 adoption. With this super adorable plush unicorn backpack, all children can use it as a plush toy or a charming backpack to bring to school. Its surface has been manufactured with high quality cotton to meticulously provide the softest surface for every girl who loves the Unicorn. Plus, if you can’t afford this backpack, Unicorn-Backpack™ is here to help! To serve your desire, we have an exclusive collection from the plush Unicorn family.

This one may not be as big as the backpack, but it allows you to store necessary items such as lipstick, money, phone, etc… If you’re tired of carrying these Unicorn backpacks around all the time, why not give this trendy Unicorn shoulder bag a chance? It will definitely suit all girls, regardless of their age. Thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap, you can make it shorter or longer depending on your size and expectations !

What you need to know about our unicorn backpacks

Unicorn Kawaii aims to provide you with the best fashionable product with superior quality and lower price. We have a wide range of products to look for, you can choose your favorite product from the product list. If you want to buy backpacks with the animal with the horned forehead for school, dozens of items are listed. Colours such as Black, Grey, White, Brown, Nude, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Turquoise, Gold, Silver, Multicolour, Transparent, Other are available. You can compare their prices, performance, specifications, reviews, etc. to suit your needs.

multicolored unicorn wallpaper

Unicorn Backpack
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So, whether you desire clothes, jewellery, slippers, luxurious, pyjamas, overalls, bags, or any other unicorn accessory, you will find fulfillment in our online store. Additionally, each member of our group is a unicorn lover who burns the midnight oil to improve our shop. Hence, All the items in our shop are authentic and of good quality;

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No matter which Kawaii unicorn product you desire, we definitely have a piece for you and far more. So do not be shocked to discover other more unusual unicorn items such as unicorn moneyboxes, mugs, key rings, and other comparable decorations. After all, we have only one mission: To please you without restraint !